Hunting Licenses

You must sign your license to ensure it is valid; if hunter is under 16 years of age, a parent/guardian must also sign to validate.

You must also follow applicable state laws for displaying your license.

Self-print licenses must be cut out along the outside border (dotted lines) then folded, as indicated. Privileges with harvest tags are not self-print and will be printed and mailed to the customer. The hunter must wait for those privileges with harvest tags to arrive in mail to legally hunt those species.

Licenses must be carried on your person while you are participating in the activity covered by the license. You must carry a photo identification card in addition to your license in the case a Game Warden requests you to produce both documents during a routine license check.

State law prohibits you from altering any information on the license, as well as borrowing or loaning a license.

Note: If you want to laminate your self-print license, ensure both sections of the license are visible in case you must display them to a law enforcement officer. Do not laminate privileges printed on durable stock paper.