A limited number of tags per season may be awarded for each species. In order to allocate the limited number of tags fairly, a Drawing process may occur. Limitations may be placed on the drawing according to season dates, residency status of the customer, bonus points the customer may have accumulated, and various other stipulations.

To participate in a Drawing to receive a tag, a customer must first apply for the drawing via their online customer account. The customer submits the application for the season and species they are interested in, and pays the fees associated with the drawing. Not all drawing applications require a fee.

After the customer submits the drawing application, a drawing takes place and customers are notified of their status via email.

If the customer is a winner of the drawing, they can then go to their online account and purchase their tags. In some cases, the tags may be printed at the customers home. If the tag is of a particular type that cannot be printed at home, the tag will be mailed to the customer after the customer has paid the fees associated with the tag.